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Thorough patient training in patient's home by a qualified home service representative and/or nurse. We also provide a respiratory therapist follow-up, 24-hour on-call support, and overnight oximerty testing.


Donít ever change the flow of oxygen unless directed by your physician or a DASCO Associate.

Donít use alcohol or other sedating drugs because they will slow your breathing rate

Donít wait until the last minute to order oxygen tanks Ö Do call 800-892-4044 at least 48 hours in advance to re-order.

Donít use oil based products like petroleum jelly on your lips and nostrilsÖ Do use water based lubricants.

Donít permit open flames or smoking in the same room as oxygen equipment Ö Do post ďno smokingĒ signs in your home.

Donít use electrical equipment or other equipment that may cause a spark within 5 feet of oxygen equipment.

Donít use anything flammable around oxygen equipment (e.g., cleaning fluid, paint thinner, extension cords, aerosol sprays, alcohol-based products, products containing ether) Ö Do keep a smoke detector and fire extinguisher in your home.

Donít use oil or grease on or around oxygen equipment. Donít touch oxygen equipment if your hands contain oil or grease.

Donít allow tubing to be covered, kinked, or hidden.

Donít cut or splice the tubing nor should you use more than 50 feet of tubing with your cannula.

Donít leave oxygen on when not in use.

Donít store oxygen in a confined area (e.g., closet or trunk).

Donít have any untrained person handle, adjust, repair, replace any part of the oxygen equipment Ö Do call 800-892-4044 for any adjustments.

Donít place oxygen equipment near any heat source.

Donít leave oxygen cylinders (full or empty) unsecured Ö Do keep them in a cart, stand, belted, roped, or chained or lying down. Handle them with care.

Do contact your electric company and fire department to let them know you have oxygen equipment in your home.

Do have an emergency evacuation plan ready and keep emergency phone numbers readily available.

Donít place your concentrator against a wall, curtains or other objects that could occlude the filter or prevent air from circulating around it.

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