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Compound: Neuropathic Pain Gel
“I went to the doctor for severe knee pain. She prescribed a strong pain medicine first. I had to go back because it did not cut the pain. She suggested Okuley’s Pharmacy and I agreed to let them try to help. The Pharmacist, Kieu Okuley, mixed up an ointment to rub on my knee. Within the first twelve hours, it cut the burning in half. Then within two weeks, it cut it down to about 20%. I am now able to live with the pain I have and can wait to get in for surgery.”
Sincerely, Larry D. Brown

Compound: Pratt Gel and PLO Gel
“The gel is great. It has really helped with my shoulder, low back pain and hip pain. Within 15-20 minutes, I can tell it is working. I am using twice a day.”

“After my hysterectomy in 2007, I wasn’t sure what type of hormone therapy was right for me. I didn’t feel comfortable taking a pill ‘right off the shelf.’ After talking to my doctor about this, she recommended talking to Okuley’s Pharmacy. I have known Kieu for five years and I was confident that she would lead me in the right direction.
The first meeting with Kieu and her staff was great. I felt comfortable and they were able to answer any questions that I had about the medications, how to apply the medication, and what signs to look for if the medication is not strong enough.
After about a year, I am receiving the dosage that works for me. Not one person is the same, and not one dose of medication works for everyone. That is one of the great things about compounded medication. The medication is geared towards what my body was used to. And the medication can be adjusted need be.
I have referred women, and will continue to refer women, with similar problems or women with other issues to Okuley’s. I truly do believe in the service that they provide and the care that they give to their patients.”

Compound: Tri-Est/Progesterone/Testosterone
“This crčme has been a Godsend. It has relieved all symptoms of menopause I was experiencing, including hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness. My Pap tests and mammograms have all been negative. In addition, a bone density scan and cardiac stress test both yielded results typical of a younger person. It is my belief that Hormone Replacement Therapy plays a key role in protecting me from osteoporosis and heart disease. I am grateful to live near a compounding pharmacy.”

Compound: 3 Hormone Replacements and Several Supplements
“Before I started the hormones I had severe vaginal dryness (bleeding during sex), low libido, light hot flashes, very poor sleep (couldn’t fall asleep, then wake after 2 hours and stay awake for 2 more hours). I also had joint pain from arthritis as well as digestion problems with a sour stomach a lot of times. I’m on several supplements for that! Since I started treatment, I can’t even give a % of how much better I feel. Sex is wonderful again without any pain. I fall asleep and stay asleep. It’s great to actually feel rested again. My arthritis is a lot better too, and it’s amazing how much better my stomach feels. I hardly ever have a sour stomach. I also have osteopenia. I can’t wait to see if my bone density improves. My Dr thinks it will.”

Compound: Estriol/Testosterone
“I use this to control my hot flashes. It works great- Thank you”

Compound: Progesterone
“I take this compound because I suffer from hormonal imbalance migraines. I used to get these headaches 3 weeks in a row. Now I get one before my period and one after my period.”

Compound: Progesterone capsules and Estriol/Testosterone Vaginal Crčme
“The benefits of using these compounds have been a tremendous increase in vaginal lubrication and a substantial decrease in food cravings. My breasts are no longer sore and are sensitive to touch in a positive way again. This particular compound has not increased my desire for sex but has made it easier to be aroused.”

Compound: Bi-Est, Progesterone, Testosterone, Dhea-5
“I don’t know what I would have done without Okuley’s Pharmacy. I did not feel like life was worth living, my symptoms were so bad. After going to Dr. Elliott and meeting with Okuley’s, my symptoms are gone, and I love life again!
They were able to figure out my needs and dosage, now I feel like myself again. My husband is happy now. My kids are happy again now that their mother is balanced! Okuley’s/Dr. Elliott are my Guardian Angels.”

Compound: Progesterone SR
“I am very grateful! I was resorting to having a hysterectomy but didn’t want to. My sister told me about Kieu and the natural progesterone. It made all the difference. My cycle became normal! My moods became a lot calmer.
I tell everyone I know who sounds like they may have a problem with hormones. Because getting them balanced makes all the difference. Thank you!”

Compound: Bi-Est and Estriol/Testosterone
“Have had major improvements in my general health, feeling of well-being, mental clarity, energy level. No more hot flashes, no more hair loss. I highly recommend the Bio-Identical hormones! There is a period of time when the dosage is being adjusted in the beginning when there can be some mood swings, but it is well worth the effort.”

Compound: Estrogen/Progesterone:
“My compound is keeping me agile and flexible and this may make daily living more tolerable. I don’t feel so stiff and sore and am able to get back up from a squatting position when I’m getting into lower kitchen cupboards, etc. They are helping me a lot with hot flashes which is my main reason for using them.”

Compound: Progesterone
“Had hot flashes- night sweats and chills also. Couldn’t sleep, was depressed and there were times when anger overwhelmed me. The least little thing would set me off. I started out using another compound plus progesterone.
Every so often I still have the same symptoms, but nothing like before. It’s amazing how this has helped me. I would recommend this compound to anyone with similar symptoms.”

Compound: Progesterone
“Thank you for your help. I put confidence in your pharmaceutical counsel- Feel it is personal and tailored to my individual needs.”

Compound: Scopolomine Gel
“Because of your efforts, me and my family had a great cruise. Your office made sure I had enough scopolamine gel for all of us if needed. We did have a rough start with very windy weather the first few days but the gel kept us well. Once we returned to land, I was still feeling the motion of the ocean for about 10 days. Last cruise it took 60 days for me to get my “land legs” back. Thanks again- I am a true believer in your magic potion!!”